Road Rules

There are no traffic lights on NIUE, however hirers and drivers to note that traffic is normally a little busy from 7 - 8 AM and 4 - 5 PM during weekdays.  Normal New Zealand road and traffic rules apply, the only difference is we do not have traffic lights.

  • Always drive on the left hand side
  • Always give way to your right (similar to NZ road rules)
  • Always signal at least 3 seconds before making a turn
  • Always STOP at a stop sign
  • Observe speed limits around town (40km/hour) and on open road (60km/hour)
  • Driver's to observe no parking signs (in particular driveways)
  • Always park your vehicle at a safe place with the rear of your vehicle always against a wall, fence or building
  • At night, always park where there is security flood lights and always lock your vehicle
  • Be prepared to STOP and use your common sense at all times
  • Drive at a reasonable speed


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